6 Most Common Fetishes: Types Of Fetish *

  • Bdsm
  • Sexual Role Playing
  • Nylon, Latex And Leather
  • Voyeurism And Exhibitionism
  • Hit The Butt
  • Adore Feet

1. Bdsm

In The First Place Is Domination And Surrender. This Bonding Is Also Known As Controlling, Surrendering, Sadism And Sexual Masochism Or Bdsm (Boundage Dicipline Submission Masochism). Bdsm Actually Has A Wide Behavioral Spectrum, Ranging From Hairy Handcuffs To Tying In The Dungeon; Depends On One’s Imagination. Here It Symbolizes The Power And Control Shared By Two Adults Who Consent To This Sexual Experience Within The Framework Of Certain Behaviors, Rituals And Traditions. This Can Be A One-Off, Part-Time Or Always-On Approach. It Is Known That Bdsm Has Become Quite Common In The Last 20 Years.

2. Sexual Playing

It Is About Two Or More People Improvising A Sexually Explicit Scenario In Various Roles. It Can Include Any Sexual Fantasy. Couples Can Realize This Fantasy By Using A Place, Venue, Costume And Similar Decorations And Acting. For Example, The Misbehaving Nurse Or Servant Role Is Quite Common.

3. Nylon, Latex And Leather

In This Fetish, The Person Enjoys The Nylon, Latex Or Leather Clothing That He Or His Partner Is Wearing. The Tight-Fitting Fabric Is Actually Equated With Tying In Terms Of Sexuality. For Some, The Smell Of These Fabrics Is Attractive And Can Lead To Arousal. For Example, A Person Can Dress His Partner In A Leather Jumpsuit In The Style Of Cat Woman Outfit.

4. Voyeurism And Exhibitionism

Studies Conducted At The Carolina Institute Found That One Out Of Every Three People Enjoys Watching Sex Or Displaying Themselves. Again, Studies Have Found That Men (12 Percent) Follow More Sexual Activity Than Women (4 Percent). This Is Supported By The Fact That 80 Percent Of The Customer Profile Of The Adult Entertainment Industry, Namely The Porn Industry, Is Male. There Is A Slight Feeling Of Exhibitionism In Us. For Example, When We Go To The Beach To The Sea, We Reveal Ourselves With Bikinis And Swimsuits. We Love Attention. Due To The “Risk Of Being Caught” In This Fetish, The Adrenaline Dose Is High, And Therefore, When Mixed With Desire, Desire And Hormones, There Can Be An Addictive Match.

5. Hit The Button

Why Do People Enjoy Being Hit On Their Butts? This Does Not Just Coincide With The Pain Felt. In Fact, The Point Where The Butt Meets The Calf Is Considered The Erogenous Zone And Can Be Stimulating For Many People When Done With The Right Amount Of Pressure And Often.

6. Adopt Feet

Foot Fetishes Are Quite Common. It Is Even The Most Common Fetish Between Non-Sexual Body Parts And Non-Sexual Objects On The Body. And 90 Percent Of Foot Fetishes Are Men. This Can Include Shoes, Socks Or Nylon Stockings. It’s About How The Different Pleasure Centers In Our Brains Work. Our Obsession With Feet Begins When We Are Babies. Babies Love To Put Their Toes In Their Mouths, But Of Course It’s Natural For Them As They Are Busy Exploring Their Bodies.

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