The Best Way To Talk About Your Foot Fetish With Your Significant Other

Being Honest About Your Feelings, Personality, And Even Your Sexuality Is Essential If You Want A Long-Term Relationship Or Even Marriage. As Difficult As It May Be To Bring Up The Subject, It May Be Even More Difficult If You’ve Been With The Person For A Long Time But Do Not Yet Trust Them. That’s Why It’s Critical To Be Thorough, Precise, And Honest In Your Descriptions. 

You Should Approach The Subject With Caution If You’re A Man Who Wants Your Partner To Know That You’re Keeping Up. Many Women Find The Idea Of Someone Kissing Or Sucking On Their Toes Terrifying. To Kick Things Off, You Can Go Ahead And Watch The Film. Singer Says That Kinky Boots, A 2005 British Comedy That Focuses On The Sexualization Of Feet And Shoes, Is A Hilarious Film. Afterward, The Man Can Give His Partner A Foot Massage And Then Continue With Foot Kissing And Toe Sucking As Part Of A Light Pre-Sex Session. He’ll Be Able To Tell Right Away How He Feels About It, And He’ll Act Accordingly.

O’reilly Adds That Compliments And Small Sex Acts Are Easy Ways To Get Started In The Beginning.

Compliment Your Paws! Your Feet Are Beautiful And Exciting, And Touching Them Can Relax You As Well As Awaken Your Spirit. She Suggests That You Tell Them Exactly What You Intend To Do With Their Feet. Having A Sexually Compatible Partner Means That They Won’t Judge You If They Aren’t Interested Or Uncomfortable During The Encounter. These People Will Work With You To Understand What You Want And How To Get It, Even If It’s Only A Partial Fulfilment Of Those Desires.

How To Add Your Foot Fetish To Your Sex Life In Many Ways

Step One Is To Accept Your Fetish For What It Is And Move On. A Therapist Or Other Men With Foot Fetishes May Be Able To Help You Better Understand And Express Your Sexual Desires. Take Responsibility For Your Actions. Don’t Be Sorry. Shame. There Is Nothing Wrong With You. O’reilly Says You Don’t Have To Apologise For Your Natural Inclinations And Desires. And Then Go Online! Communities And Sharing Sites Have Been Created Just For You. 

Is There Any More To It? When It Comes To Scouting Out Potential Partners, You’re Extremely Selective. When It Comes To Sexual Compatibility, O’reilly Says, It’s All About Being Open-Minded And Respecting Each Other’s Desires. You’re Not Sexually Compatible If Your Partner Has A Negative Opinion Of You And Isn’t Willing To Change It.

However, You Must Respect Your Partner’s Boundaries And Be Willing To Take It Slow In Order To Get To Know Each Other. Especially If You’ve Never Been In A Relationship With Someone Who Shares Your Fantasies, It Will Be A Learning Process. You’re Ready If He Worships His Feet. Approaching Him With Caution And Patience Might Be Necessary If He’s Reluctant. You Need To Address This Issue Early On In The Relationship If You Have A Strong Foot Fetish Because It Can Be A Deal Breaker. To Avoid Going “Thumb’ With Each Other In The Relationship,” She Suggests Moving On If You And Your Partner Disagree On This Issue.

It’s Also A Great Way For You To Show Him How Much You Care. Your Favourite Piece Of Clothing Is Not This Lacy, Seductive Lingerie Or Nightgown… But These Shoes! Pedicures Are Also An Option. To Reward Him For His Efforts, Give Him A New Pair Of Shoes Every Now And Then! According To Singer, The Ultimate Porn For Many Women Is Shoe Collecting And They’ll Appreciate Your Thoughtfulness.

There’s A Lot Of Effort Being Put Into Making The Foot Fetish Appear Less Exclusive And More In Line With An Active Sex Life That Gets Your Blood Pumping. In The End, A Close Relationship Should Never Be One-Sided. Play Sex Games With Him, But Don’t Make Him The Centre Of Attention. By Kissing From The Top To The Bottom, Ending With The Foot, This Can Be Turned Into Foreplay. When It Comes To Foreplay, Michael Recommends That You Massage His Foot With Warm Soybean Oil And Give Him A Foot Massage. In The Event That You Enjoy Submissive Footplay, Lie On Her Feet And Allow Her To Step On You From Time To Time If She Chooses To Do So.

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